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About me

I do artificial intelligence research and development in the aerospace sector. In 2020, I obtained my PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Leiden University. When I'm not doing research I like to build software.


  • 🏆 Best Paper Award for the 1st International Conference on Adaptive Instructional Systems, in the context of HCI International 2019, 16-31 July 2019, Orlando, FL, USA

Student supervision

  • David Lieffijn, Bachelor thesis, "Modelling skill retention in Space Fortress using machine learning", 2020.

  • Léon de Zwart, Master thesis, LCS for beyond-visual-range air combat behavior, 2016.

  • Davey Bruns, Master thesis, "A hybrid approach for modelling intelligent agents in air combat simulations", 2015.

  • Reinier Kop, Master thesis (co-supervised), "Evolutionary Dynamic Scripting", 2014.

  • Marleine van Kampen, Master thesis (co-supervised), "Machine Learning Techniques for Autonomous Mutual Seperation in Fighter Formations", 2014.

Software is a tool for drawing grids on images. Use online

I/ITSEC BibTex entry generator

A BibTex entry generator for the I/ITSEC proceedings. Use online


Rummage is a small web-scraping library for Common Lisp. See on GitHub


Email: website@ this domain